You will be playing Mickael, the new CEO of a dating website. From your office in New York, you will have to make choices and to grant people's requests. What will be more important for you: the company prosperity? your employees' well-being? your relationship with Jenny, your lovely secretarian? Whatever it might be, keep in mind that money might not always buy happiness.

We hope you will enjoy playing just as much as we enjoyed developping Jenny & the Guy. There are different ends, be sure to try both !


Programming - Loïc Escales
Art - Loïc Le Mouël
Game design - Sunzed
Translation - Marlène Goumy
Music from Audio Library on Youtube
Special thanks to Ninon for your support!

Install instructions

Your antivirus can prevent you to launch the game. If it is the case, disable it before launching.


Jenny & the Guy (EN) 22 MB
Jenny & the Guy (FR) 22 MB
Jenny & the Guy (EN) 32 MB
Jenny & the Guy (FR) 32 MB